Thursday, August 13, 2009


I have recently created an online account with flickr. It is a free account that can be used to manage your photos and retrieve images from people around the world.

Flickr is an online community-based website which allows you to upload and share your photos and digital images with friends, family, and the entire world if you choose. Flickr is a very popular web tool for anyone who wants to share pictures. The service also uses tags, comments and browsing tools so that users can view other photos with similar subjects or topics by category.

A wide variety of applications to learning exist by using Flickr photography, from using single photographs as writing prompts to using multiple images in digital
storytelling projects.Other applications include using Flickr to create virtual field trips and as a source of imagery to improve student presentations.

In all cases, caution should be used when searching specific topics. As a safety precaution when using flickr students are able to decide whether or not to make their photo albums public or private.

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  1. Hi Lauren. Very informative Flickr blog. Especially liked the idea about the virtual field trip. Would you have the students create their own or would this be a teacher run task? Keep the blogs coming!!

  2. The teacher could create one as an example and then get the studnets to create their own.