Sunday, August 16, 2009


After looking into online quizzes I found there are several different web sites accessible to learning managers to create the quizzes. I have used classmaker to create my short quiz that I implemented on my students after completing a unit on Australian History.

Try it out and see if you know the answers.

As learning managers practice being conscientious for their students, they need to also be aware that student involvement in the learning process plays an important role in improving academic performance.

It is a proven fact that an interactive quiz which is successfully and carefully designed by teachers is likely to actively involve the students in learning and help teachers educate in the effective way and thus students can have more academic success. The teachers need to start making dynamic multimedia quizzes with images, animations and sounds to maintain interest and enhance learning.

When students are completing quizzes they are often asked comprehension questions based on text that they have read. However, by creating quizzes online learning managers are able to also cater for the visual learners by incorporating questions for the students to consider pictures used in the text as well.

Learning managers are also able to cater for auditory learners by incorporating sound-based questions into quizzes which gives unique benefits and flexibilities. For example, teachers can create a quiz for students to practice pronunciation when learning languages. If you are a music teacher, you can use QuizCreator to design music quizzes and teach complicated music concepts.

By providing for the students growing needs in a technological world the learning manager will see new enthusiasm in the class.

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