Wednesday, August 19, 2009


A podcast is described as an audio file archived on the Internet in such a way that it can be automatically accessed by a personal computer, downloaded and transferred to a portable MP3 player such as an ipod. In order to use this tool you need to have software that will play mp3 files. Once an appropriate podcast has been sourced, it can be manually downloaded to the mp3 player. One down side to podcasts is that schools operating behind fire walls may not be able to take advantage of subscription services and many schools block the downloading of mp3 files.

I recently tried to download itunes on to my computer but was unsuccessful as I was advised it was going to 21 hours to download. I then found a friend that already had it on their computer and used theirs. I viewed a podcast on reading comprehension called stories for kids. The students listen to a narrator reading the story and at the end of the story they supply sample question for you to ask the students. This is a great tool to use, however the story I listened to the lady was speaking in a very monotone voice and I found it hard to concentrate.

Podcasts can be created from original material by students and teachers or existing audio files can be downloaded for classroom use. Creating a podcast allows students to share learning experiences. It provides them with a world-wide audience that makes learning meaningful and assessment authentic. Teachers can use the technology to provide additional and revision material to students to download and review at a time that suits them.

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