Monday, August 10, 2009


PowerPoint is a high-powered software tool used for presenting information in a dynamic slide show format. This tool is a great way of engaging students into units of work or individual lessons. Teachers are able to do this by using a variety of techniques such as text, charts, graphs, sound effects and video, these are just some of the elements we are able to incorporate into PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint in the classroom (2007)

Recently I implemented a lesson at my school with a grade 4/5 class and I used a PowerPoint presentation to engage the students. The lesson was on mapping and I created a Voki pirate to introduce the lesson and explain that he needed their help to find his buried treasure. Following the Voki I displayed a PowerPoint that included a picture of the pirate ship the students were sailing in and the beach where they landed. I included a treasure map in the PowerPoint which the students all had a copy of, throughout the lesson I would click to the next slide and show the students a palm tree or key location on the map, the students would then have to find the co-ordinates on the map. The final slide was a letter from the Pirate thanking the students for their help and asking them to split the treasure up and burry it somewhere on a different island, however they had to create their own treasure map to remember where it was.

PowerPoint’s are a simple effective tool to use in the classroom not only by the teacher, but also by the students when they are doing presentations.

PowerPoint in the classroom – Teachers guide, (2007)

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